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    Link Wheel and Web 2.0
    The web 2.0 was updated in the year 1999 which describes the latest technology beyond the static pages of the older websites. Though web 2.0 delivers a new version of World Wide Web it does not contain any technical specification that changes in the way of software development. The web 2.0 site allows the user to interact each other through social media optimization. As it developed in the way of providing such options like social networks, blogs, video sharing sites, wiki, hosted services, web applications etc.,. The web 2.0 is different from the previous web technologies that are very challenge able to the World Wide Web.

Link Wheels

HKSL.NET has a team of experts who can create both simple and complex link wheels as per the projected traffic. The web 2.0 provides much more facility than just collecting information from any informative sites. By increasing the facility provided in the web 1.0 additional features were added to the user interface interacting facility, storage facility, software facility and much more. Though the browsers are meant to be a network as the platform. The major performance of the web 2.0 is by performing social networking sites, self publishing platforms to the new web publishers, user created websites, social bookmarking and providing such tagging facility. The web 2.0 take some control over the data that sites have some architecture of participation that encourages users on the value added application in the websites. The features of cloud computing by the scholars of web 2.0 implemented it to the computing on the internet. The users are provided with the equal freedom to contribute. The web 2.0 also possibly increases the spamming of the lesser unsuspected matured users. There is much more possibility for the free users to contribute their presents on the members who spent for the withhold profit on others contribution. The website management called it as radical trust the rich users experience the dynamic contents, scalability, web standards, metadata and much more. The web 2.0 also views the user participant as an essential attribute of collective intelligence, freedom and future characteristic. The web 2.0 includes the free classification of information that provides every user a rich experience and determines the user as a contributor. The technical features used in the web 2.0 is developed with Java script and Ajax framework and also includes YUI library, Mootool, Jquery which helps the user to continue interacting with the website. Thus the web 2.0 provides the major involvement to the users to experience the latest browsing facility with the websites. Kindly contact us via email for latest link wheels quotes at

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